Family STEAM Challenges

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STEAM Challenge Workshops offer parents and children an opportunity to engage in hands-on STEAM based learning and exploration together. Each program consists of instructor led discussion of STEAM principles and various STEAM challenges that parent/child pairs will work together to solve! 

Participants are required to wear a mask for the entirety of the program. Each program will need a minimum of 2 adult/student pairs to run. Programs are designed for a child and a caregiver to attend and enjoy making something together

Children in grades K-5 and adult
Time: 6-8 p.m.
Cost: $36 Members / Museums for All
          $41 Non-Members

Date  Theme Description 
Friday, Feb. 4 Periodic Table Chemistry Challenge  Explore materials, the periodic table, and the properties of Earth’s different elements by exploring the properties of polymers and inventing your own slime recipe.
Friday, March 4 Light Challenge  Learn about the phenomenon of light and how materials impact where and how it shines. How can you use light to create something beautiful?

Friday, April 1 Water Runoff Challenge  Learn about water runoff issues in our community and how we can work to fix these problems. Flooding, water contamination, and loss of topsoil are all issues we see when we have heavy rains. Can you practice your civil engineering skills to try and fix these problems?

Friday, May 6 Earthquake Challenge  Learn the history of the Richter scale and how it has impacted earthquake preparedness, design and build your own structure and see if it withstands a simulated earthquake.