Museum In Motion/Outreach

Museum in Motion program brings engaging and award winning hands-on activities and programs to your classroom or event.

Spring 2021 STEAM Resource Kits

You can still have a museum program experience right in your own classroom!  Each prepared kit will come with all the supplies and instructions you will need to engage your students with 3-4 hands-on activities you might typically find at CDM.  Kits will be checked out on a weekly basis to give you plenty of time to try all the activities out or to work within a hybrid schedule.

Contact Jenny Raisbeck at 309-433-3450 or for more information or to book at kit.

Cost: $3 per student
Pickup & Drop off:    
FREE- you pick up and drop off kit at CDM
$25- delivery fee for CDM staff to pick up and drop off

This must be scheduled at the time of booking.  All Pick ups will either be Sunday from 11AM-3PM or Monday 8:30AM-5PM.  All kits must be returned Friday by 5PM

There will be a late fee charge for kits not returned by 5PM

STEAM Kit Topics

Rockets (Grades K-5)
Students will explore rockets as they build and test stomp rockets, design a parachute for safe re-entry, and more! 

The Moon (Grades K-2)
Students will explore the moon as they learn how craters are formed, build a moon lander, and more!

Sound & Vibration (Grades K-2)
Students will extend their learning about sound and vibration as they play with boomwhackers, explore how sound travels in waves, and build their own instrument! 

Simple Science (Grades K-2)
Get your students involved in simple science experiments by exploring hydrophobic sand, making lava lamps, experimenting how to blow up a balloon without your mouth, and more! 

Mars (Grades 3-5)
Students will extend their learning of Mars as they build a mars lander, explore some of Mars’ features, and more! 

Earthquakes (Grades 3-5)
Students will explore how waves travel during an Earthquake, how Earth’s plates shift, build an Earthquake proof structure, and more! 

Oil Spill (Grades 3-5)
Students will learn what can be done after an oil spill by experimenting with different methods of cleanup, learn how animals get cleaned, and more! 

Customized Programs
Have a special request or interest in a different topic? Give us a call and we will do our best to meet your needs. Call 309-433-3450 for more information. All pricing subject to change.

Scholarship funds may be available.

Program Options


Option #1: Learning Labs
Learning Labs are perfect for your classroom. A variety of topics are available for your Pre-K – 6th grade class, see below for topic options. Each program lasts approximately one hour and is led by a museum educator.
Cost: $3 per student
Transportation Fee: $25 Bloomington-Normal
                                  $50 Outside of Bloomington- Normal

Option #2: Six Station Science Experience
The Six Station Science Experience option is great for an after school program or school event, see below for a listing of topics. Please note that six volunteers must be provided by the school.
Cost: $150 per hour up to 50 students
         $200 per hour 51 to 75 students
Transportation Fee: $25 Bloomington-Normal
                                  $50 Outside of Bloomington-Normal

Option #3: Design Your Own Experience
We know that not everyone needs the full Six Station Science Experience, so Design Your Own Experience lets you choose one or more STEAM stations! This option is great for science fairs, science nights, community events, school carnivals, or just to add some hands-on fun to any occasion. Talk to our School Program Educator for a list of activities to choose from and customize your program. Contact Jenny Raisbeck at (309) 433-3450. 
Cost: Varies on program choices and number of participants
Transportation Fee: $25 Bloomington-Normal
                                 $50 Outside of Bloomington-Normal

Program Topics 

The Five Senses (Grades Prek-2)
Students will indulge their senses as we make slime, wonderful smelling art, learn about taste with skittles and how we hear sound.

Dino-on-The-Go (Grades K-3)
Grab your tools and get digging as you become a paleontologist for the day in our recreated dinosaur dig, make fossils, put together a dinosaur, and create your own diorama.

S.T.E.A.M Stations
Immerse your students in a variety of hands-on science and engineering discovery. Students will conduct six fun experiments or challenges that may include science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Stations will be customized during booking. 

Matter (grades 2-5)
Matter is all around us! In this station-based program students will participate in a variety of hands-on activities that help them extend their learning of the states of matter, mixing matter, and phase changes in matter. We will make slime, experiment with nitinol and more.

Weather (Grades 2-5)
Learn about some of the tools that meteorologists use when predicting the weather. Students will make their own tools including anemometers, barometers, hygrometers and more which they can use to make their own weather forecast!