(Note: Please visit our Policies and Procedures page for additional helpful information.)

1. How long will we spend at the museum?

The average family spends between two and three hours playing in the exhibits.

2. Do you have a senior citizen discount?

We currently do not offer a senior citizen discount.  All guests 2 years old and older are a flat admission rate of $10.

3. Can my child visit the museum alone/Can I wait in the lobby while my child plays?

All children must be accompanied by an adult chaperone at all times while in the museum.  Children 12 and under must be accompanied by a chaperone of 16 years of age or older.

Children age 13 and older may visit the museum without an adult and are also eligible to join the museum volunteer program.

4. Do adults pay admission?

Yes! Here at the Children’s Discovery Museum, we believe in the value of intergenerational play!  Our exhibits aren’t just designed for kids.  We encourage you to embrace your curiosity, explore, learn, teach, and grow right alongside your children!  Have fun!

5. Do you have lockers?

We offer complimentary lockers for any guests.  Locks are not provided, but you may bring your own. 

6. Is photography allowed in the museum?

Yes!  The Children’s Discovery Museum staff and media frequently take photos/videos of visitors during events which may appear on future promotional materials, websites, brochures, flyers, blogs, and museum social media sites. If you are photographed, the photo may be used without your prior consent and without compensation. If you do not want your image used, please avoid the photographer or inform them that you do not wish to be photographed.

We encourage guests to document their own visits and tag the Museum on personal blogs and social media, but we ask that you practice common courtesy and avoid posting photos that include other families without their permission.  

7. Is the museum wheel chair/stroller accessible?

Yes! The Children’s Discovery Museum proudly supports the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and welcomes visitors of all abilities!  We provide accessible facilities for wheelchairs, walkers, and other mobility-aid devices on all three floors.For more information regarding accessible parking, please visit our parking and directions homepage.

8. Is there a place to park my stroller, should I not want to take it into the museum? 

Yes!  Strollers may be parked on the first-floor in the locker/coat room area! Additionally, there is space to park your stroller on all three floors while you are playing.

9. My child has special needs.  Are there resources to make the museum more accessible?

Yes!  Sensory bags are available for check out at the front desk.  These bags include noise reduction headphones, communication cards, light reduction glasses, fidget/relaxation toys, and other tools to make the museum more accessible.

If you have other recommendations for how our museum could be more accessible for your family, please email Abby at aboggs@normal.org or call 309-433-3455.

10. My child occasionally needs to take a break in a quiet space.  Where can we do this at the museum?

There are multiple spaces at the museum that can be used to “cool down!”  Please ask the front desk for recommendations upon arrival or call Abby before your visit at 309-433-3455.

11. Are service animals allowed in the museum?

Service animals are welcome at the Children’s Discovery Museum!  In accordance with the ADA, museum staff may ask whether a service animal is required because of a disability in order to communicate with staff and make any special accommodations.

12. Do you have a military discount?

Yes!  We offer free admission for active duty military members, including the National Guard and Reserve, and up to six members of their family.  Active duty military ID must be presented at the front desk.

13. Is there a space for nursing mothers at the museum? 

Mothers may nurse their babies wherever they feel most comfortable at the museum!  Benches are provided for seating on each floor.  For more privacy, our Nursing Nook is located on the 3rd floor, inside the women’s bathroom.  The Nursing Nook is equipped with a rocking chair, outlets, room for your stroller, and an activity to occupy young siblings.

14. Can food be eaten in the museum?

Yes!  We welcome guests to eat on our 2nd floor in the “Landings” area! 

Note:  Fieldtrips and group trips are NOT permitted to eat in this space without first placing a dining reservation by calling 309-433-3455.  Dining reservations for groups cost $30 per half hour and hold up to 48 people.

15. Where can my family go to eat close by?

Please visit the Uptown Normal business directory for a list of local dining options. Menus are available at the front desk of the museum. 

16. If we leave the museum, can we re-enter?

Yes! If you would like to leave the museum and re-enter the same day, please show your dated receipt to the front desk for re-entry.    

17. Do you validate parking?

We do not validate parking, however there are many parking spaces near the museum. Please find your multiple parking options here. 

18. Can the museum donate to my fundraiser?

Yes!  All donation requests can be submitted to Abby at aboggs@normalil.gov. Please include a formal donation request letter with the event date stated clearly. Museum staff reserve the right to deny requests.

19. Can admission be applied toward a membership?

Yes! Admission can be applied toward a membership IF the membership is purchased the same day of the visit.

20. What are my membership options?

We offer three memberships: Annual Play Pass, Museum Family and Grandparent.  Visit our Membership page to learn more about what each package has to offer. 

21. Do you have a student or teacher discount?

We do not offer a discount for general student or teacher admission.  However, there are discounted rates for students and teachers visiting as part of a group.  Visit our fieldtrip page for more information on these rates.

22. Is there a discount if we come closer to closing time?

There is no discount for arriving near closing time. 

23.  Are pets allowed in the museum?

Pets are not allowed in the museum. Service animals are not considered pets. 

24.  How do I sign my child up for CDM programming?

Programming registration can be found on our Learning Homepage.

25.  What is the museum's masking policy?

Please refer to our Policies and Procedures page for information regarding our current masking policy.